The Really Real Adventures

Of Scott Free and WIll DO

May 27 - August 13, 2017


Scott Free and Will Do are best friends who spend all their time dreaming up fantastic worlds; whether they're meeting space monsters, solving mysteries or avoiding the Sheriff of Nottingham, they're always having fun. Everything is perfect . . . until they find out that they are each others imaginary friends! Reality is in hot pursuit and they need to figure out who’s who and what’s really real before their moms make them grow up for good. They'll need everyone's help (and imaginations) to save the day and their friendship!

Join us in Scott & Will's colourful cardboard treehouse for a live action cartoon full of big belly laughs, great songs, high-energy choreography and absolute wackiness. Scott & Will will challenge existence as they know it but they need the audiences help to build their new reality; their only limit is your imagination! This show is best enjoyed with your best friend so call them up and bring them along.

An original play by Kate Keenan & Lesley Halferty
Music by Mike Gennaro with Arrangements by Ian Goodtimes
Directed by Kate Keenan
Choreography by Alison Lisa
Featuring Jocelyn Adema, Wiley Ly, Lena Maripuu & Thomas Putman

4950 Yonge Street, Box 115, The Madison Centre
Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6K1


Registered Charitable # 119135943 RR0001