Solar Stage

Family Theatre


Energy Exchange

Work with Solar on an energy exchange and we'll help you with access to rehearsal space and our theatre!

We need volunteers for various projects from front of house, tech services, through to marketing and outreach.

Front of HOUSE

During our regular season we could use a hand with the front of house, checking tickets, guest services, and concessions! Do you like meeting and greeting? Join us!


The Solar Community is large and we need help reaching all of our stars. Join the engagement team to connect with our patrons and incite their continuing support!


Wychwood Theatre is a marvel, a full grid and layout, we could certainly use a hand setting up and running various events and shows. Let us know if you're into it!



Wychwood Theatre, Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Studio 176
 Toronto, Ontario M6G 4C7


Registered Charitable # 119135943 RR0001