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All photography by Dahlia Katz,

Memorable Munsch

March 2015
Written by Robert Munsch, adapted by M. John Kennedy and Bill Martyn
Featuring David Robert Leslie, Hayley Matheson, Kellen McRae, Meagan Tuck
Directed by Dahlia Katz and M. John Kennedy

Princess Knight

May 2017
Written by Tom McGee, Dramaturgy by Dahlia Katz
Featuring April Leung, Christopher Mott, Victor Pokinko
Directed by Dahlia Katz
Designed by Dahlia Katz, Sadie Johnston,  Yehuda Fisher


September 2015
Written by Katie Leamen, Dramaturgy by Dahlia Katz and Scott Moyle
Featuring Christopher Sironi, Kit Boulter, Louisa Zhu, M. John Kennedy
Directed by Scott Moyle
Designed by Daina Valiulis, Sadie Johnston

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