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From the books by Phoebe Gilman

Adapted by Derek Genova


(to be read in rhyming verse)

Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Jiggs
Will be playing at Solar in our brand new digs!
That Jillian has a wonderful mind
She plays and creates and leaves cleaning behind.
She goes on adventures both real and pretend
You'll go on one too, before we come to the end
Her Mom also plays and sometimes will stress
That Jillian really should clean up her mess.

The show will have costumes and acting and lights,
Phoebe Gilman’s stories will reach magical heights!
It's all five stories (maybe you've read the books),
The stories all rhyme! hence these lyrical hooks.
If you’re 3 or 300, quite young or real old,
The stories delight in how they are told.
It's one of our greatest! It's one of our best!
Get your tickets now and come be our guest!


By Tom McGee

Directed by Dahlia Katz

(to be read in your best wizard voice)

Welcome to the land of Faraway! Since the King and Queen were lost in outer space,
Lord Fearington has ruled with fear (clearly) while his troll assistant, Trollsworth (ahem),
keeps things running terribly along.  
Even my magic isn’t helping.

Ah, but there is a prophecy!
“When fear rules the realm and all hope seems lost,
look for the coming of the Princess Knight
who shall defeat the forces of fear in single combat  
and restore order and peace to the kingdom.”

Well, we have a Kate, and we have a Timmy.

Will they work together to fulfil the prophecy and defeat Lord Fearington?
What if they don't want to be who they're told they're supposed to be?
What if Kate likes to kick butt and Timmy likes to make treaties?
What if Kate wants to defend the realm and Timmy wants to rule it?

What could the solution be?!

And who IS the Princess Knight anyway?

(strokes beard)

Memorable Munsch

From the books by Robert Munsch

Adapted by Bill Martyn & M. John Kennedy

Directed by Dahlia Katz & M. John Kennedy


(to be read with dramatic pauses and silly voices)

Have you ever wanted to score just one goal ... and then floated away on the ice?
Have you ever had a loose tooth ... and then met a motorcycle-riding tooth fairy?
Have you ever wanted to be in a book ... and then were folded up and shoved into one?
Have you ever had a baby sibling ... and they turned out to be an alligator?
If any of these things have happened to YOU,
you MUST be a character in a story by Robert Munsch!

He is the King of the Canadian Storytellers and The First Kooksters;
Protector of the Realm of Zaniness;
Master of the Great Grass Prairies of Puns;
The Unstoppable Author;
Breaker of Trains of Thought;
Lord of Light Humour;
Father of Funny Dragons.

Bring your best laughs, your strongest imaginations and your favourite story to this one-of-a-kind show.
Then, take the ideas home and tell your favourite story or make up a whole new one!


Saturdays & Sundays @ 1:30pm
UNTIL May, 6*

Available for weekday group bookings
UNTIL May 4 & July 2 - Aug 4

Available for tours


Treasure Island

From the book by Robert Louis Stevenson

Adapted by Katie Leamen

Directed by Scott Moyle


(to be read in your best pirate voice)


Avast ye maties! Join us at the Admiral Benbow Inn and prepare ye'selves for an adventure of prize proportions.

Young Jane Hawkins has discovered a gem of a map leading to Captain Flint’s legendary fortune,
but a journey such as this, is fraught with swashbuckling, mutiny, one-legged pirates, and of course… gold!
Jane Hawkins is a brazen young adventurer whose quick thinking, fearless attitude
sometimes gets her into more trouble than she’s bargained for. Will this be her crowning achievement
or her last adventure as a hoard of scallywags stand between her and... TREASURE ISLAND!


Saturdays & Sundays @ 1:30pm
May 26 - July 1

Available for weekday group bookings May 28 - June 30



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