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Why FAMILY Theatre?

Theatre helps to instill the great importance of play and wonder.  It gives us the chance to see the world through a different set of eyes. 

In our digital environment, we often find ourselves completely disconnected from liveness and from creativity.  Inspiration and deep engagement can be hard to find when everything is a click away. Theatre allows us to reconnect, to be present with each other and ourselves, and to celebrate imagination together as a community. 

This is why a truly all-ages experience is so essential: through embodied storytelling we learn and relearn how to be empathetic and how to engage more meaningfully with one another. 

Theatre is alive. Immediate. Magical.

A Rich History

Solar Stage was founded in 1976, and has been a cultural destination for Toronto families for over forty years. We create award-winning, progressive, original, Canadian, family theatre with a focus on inclusive, diverse, optimistic and inspirational storytelling.

We follow a simple philosophy with a complex execution: make beautiful live art that everyone can enjoy. 

Our 2017-2018 season includes some of your all-time favourites like Jillian Jiggs, Memorable Munsch, and more!

Right Now

We're fundraising for our first new equipment in over 20 years!  Click "donate" below to see our GOFUNDME campaign. We've moved into a new theatre and begun a long-overdue technical upgrade. Buy your tickets and make a donation, and we'll be thankful forever! We're excited and working hard so we can continue to bring you high-quality, all-ages entertainment for years to come! 

 Solar Stage Children's Theatre - Our new home at Wychwood Theatre

Solar Stage Children's Theatre - Our new home at Wychwood Theatre


After 40 years, Solar Stage has a new home to be proud of: the Artscape Wychwood Barns at Christie and St Clair.

The Wychwood Barns is a stunning hard-conversion of an old TTC transit barn, thoughtfully developed by Artscape into a thriving community hub with a gallery, multiple artists' studios, an open event space, greenhouse and garden, weekly farmers’ market, and a very popular playground which includes sandboxes and a splash pad! Coming to Solar Stage will be so much more fun in our new space; a destination for the whole family for the day.  

The Wychwood Theatre is also a desirable contemporary event venue perfect for workshops and screenings. It boasts a wide range of lighting options and technical elements; all in a hip, central, TTC-friendly, and wheelchair-accessible location.

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A Promising Future

The Solar Stage management envisions a training program for actors, professionally-taught classes in stage combat, puppetry, intimacy, and acting for young audiences, as well as expanded offerings in evening programming in theatre, music, cabaret, and more.  Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements this year!






Solar Stage is proud to present free children's activities with Musical Hangouts and Dance Jams on various Sundays throughout the year. These family activities are perfect for all ages so come on out! Click below and scroll to the bottom of the page for details!


Our Partners, Sponsors and Supporters

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Wychwood Theatre, Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Studio 176
 Toronto, Ontario M6G 4C7


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