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School Groups & Daycare Shows at Solar Stage
School Groups & Daycare Shows at Solar Stage

During The School Year!

Solar Stage Children's Theatre is pleased to present the following shows for school age children. Each presentation includes a Teacher's 'Resource & Ideas' Booklet that is tailor-designed for each different play! A short question and answer period is generally held after each show with the exceptions of our Christmas time presentations and March Break shows.

If you would like to book a school performance please call our box office at 416-368-8031 and leave a message.

We look forward to seeing you!

General Information for School Groups:

Performance Days: Generally Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays.
Performance Times: 10:15am and 1:00pm.
Dates & times are flexible. Please call 416-368-8031 to reserve a date.

Tickets are $12 per students for groups under 60 students and $10 per student for groups over 60 students.

We are happy to offer some complimentary adult tickets to your chaperones! Ask us for details upon booking.

A deposit is required at least 1 month in advance of the performance. The balance of your payment is due when you arrive at the theatre and is based on the number of students that are in actual attendance.

Touring School Shows

Although we normally invite schools to attend in our professional theatre, there is the option of touring to your school! See our program list on the right to see which shows are available to be booked to tour to your school. Please call our office at 416-368-8031 to inquire.

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Shows Available for School Groups & Daycares


Based on the books by Robert Munsch; Adapted by Roger Rousseau

Put on your PJs and jam with us! Solar Stage's annual Munsch show tradition continues! This brand new play is based on five books: Get Out of Bed; Roar; We Share Everything; No Clean Clothes; and Pyjama Day. This performance promises Mr. Robert Munsch's signature sense of humour that even makes grown-ups feel like kids. This show will make your heart giggle and be as much fun as staying up past your bedtime.

Last year's Munsch show was a Nominee for Best Performance - Ensemble for a Dora Mavor Moore Award, and we're hoping to continue that high standard this year. We present our Munsch shows with minimalistic design, maximum athletic display and a try-this-at-home attitude that highlights the spirit of play characteristic to Mr. Munsch's work and the versatility of our performers.

Tours: This show is available for tours from April 21, 2017 to May 31, 2017. Mon Apr 24 is booked for the day. Wed Apr 26 is booked for the day. Thu May 4 is booked for the day. Tues May 9 is booked for the day. Please call to check availability.


An Original Play by Tom McGee

In the kingdom of Faraway everyone has a role to play. Kate is supposed to be a Princess, which, in Faraway, means pretty dresses, courtly functions and diplomacy. Timmy is supposed to be a knight, which, in Faraway, means a tough guy who goes on quests and is ready for battle. The problem is Kate likes adventures, kicking butt and NOT wearing dresses! Timmy likes to solve problems peacefully and take care of the business of running a kingdom. When an villain appears, Kate and Timmy will have to combine their strengths and swap their roles to kick the butt of intolerance and trolls in order to save the kingdom. Kate and Timmy show us that only you can decide who you're going to be.

School Shows: Available for weekday group bookings May 1 - 19, 2017. Tues May 9 at 10:15am is booked. Fri May 12 at 10:15am is booked. Thu May 18 at 10:15am is booked.


An Original Play by Kate Keenan & Lesley Halferty

Scott Free and Will Do are best friends who spend all their time dreaming up fantastic worlds; whether they're meeting space monsters, solving mysteries or avoiding the Sheriff of Nottingham, they're always having fun. Everything is perfect . . . until they find out that they are each others imaginary friends! Reality is in hot pursuit and they need to figure out who’s who and what’s really real before their moms make them grow up for good. They'll need everyone's help (and imaginations) to save the day and their friendship!

Join us in Scott & Will's colourful cardboard treehouse for a live action cartoon full of big belly laughs, great songs, high-energy choreography and absolute wackiness. Scott and Will will challenge existence as they know it but they need the audiences help to build their new reality; their only limit is your imagination! This show is best enjoyed with your best friend so call them up and bring them along.

School Shows: Available for weekday group bookings May 29 - August 11, 2017. Wed May 31 at 10:15am is booked. Tues June 6 at 10:15am is booked. Wed June 7 at 10:15am is booked. Thu June 8 at 10:15am is booked.



With Soli & Rob

Audiences can't get enough of Hallowe'en Howl! After a sold out run last year and the year before, Halloween Howl is back once more! Children's performers, Soli & Rob, lead the audience in an interactive Hallowe'en concert. This musical sing-along will mesmerize children with their light-spirited songs about pumpkins, trick or treating and Hallowe’en fun. Puppet friends, "The Bungalow Bugs" are sure to make an appearance! Costumes are encouraged! Buy your tickets early to make sure you don't miss out!

Tours: This show is available for tours. Please call to check availability.


Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen; Created by Marty Stelnick

We all have a home somewhere, but it's not always easy to find. The Duckthing hatches in an empty nest and has no idea where it came from or where it belongs. Lucky for the duckthing, this world is full of catchy tunes and helpful creatures. But the question remains; what is that duck...thing? What is that sound it makes? And where does it belong?

We've re-imagined the Hans Christian Andersen story about fitting in to be about accepting the great uniqueness of who you are. In this world all the creatures are helpful and caring and teach the Duckthing to be proud of the things that make it special. Also, family and belonging can take a lot of different forms. Duckthing uses puppetry and music to feature the web-footed, feathered and fuzzy and tell us a very silly story about important things like love, acceptance, adoption . . . and toots . . .

Tours: This show is available for tours. Please call to check availability.


With Soli & Rob

Lovable musical duo Soli & Rob are back to warm your hearts with songs about family, friendship, and all that kind of mushy stuff. This interactive Valentine's day concert is sure to feature several syrupy serenades from puppet pals "The Bungalow Bugs". Dressing in red is encouraged.

Tours: This show is available for tours. Please call to check availability.


With WonderPhil the Magic Guy

WonderPhil the Magic Guy returns to Solar Stage! After last years sold out weekend, this top-notch Toronto magician has a new show! It's April Fools and it seems that some of WonderPhil's tricks are try to fool him! He will need your help to make the impossible happen right before your eyes. WonderPhil creates the perfect balance of amazement and laughs to keep everyone entertained from beginning to end. After the show, adults and kids alike will be scratching their heads with wonder!

Tours: This show is available for tours. Please call to check availability.


With Soli & Rob

Soli tries to help Rob overcome his fear of bugs. Can she do it before they come face to face with the "Bungalow Bugs"? Find out in this musical with puppets all about the insect world.

Tours: This show is available for tours. Please call to check availability.


With Joanna Kellam

You're invited to come hang out with Joanna Kellam! One Saturday a month, they'll be sing-a-longs, visual art, improvisation, special guests and lots of opportunity for you to get involved - maybe YOU can be a special guest! This free-form musical interaction will be different every month. Part class. Part show. It’s a . . . hangout!

Tours: Joanna is also available for tours. Please call to check availability.