2007 - 2008 Season Listing

Three Little Pigs

By Nelles Van Loon

Another clever and funny musical adaptation from Mr. Van Loon of a traditional story. The three little pigs have baseball on their minds and the wolf has lost his career as a baseball player because of his cigarette smoking habit. Witty with a message!

Sing & Dance

Music Concert with Jack Grunsky

Juno Award winner Jack Grunsky is back with more musical journeys. His upbeat music and friendly personality always ensure a fun, interactive performance!

The Lion Who Roared Meow

By Dor Zweigenbom

Winner of multiple awards, performed at the Haifa Children's Theatre Festival and at the Orna Porat Children's Theatre Festival in Israel. This is a comic and imaginative musical look at human behaviour through the story of 2 sister lions and their relationship with other animals. They learn that you don't have to roar or be loud and aggressive to be respected! Photos from show

It's Hallowe'en, Boo!

By TV Puppetree

Teddy Bear is back! But can he solve his costume dilemma? How can Teddy Bear scare anyone when he is so cute? A light-hearted show preformed by Tom Vandenberg and his puppets which entertains while it teaches some Halloween safety rules.

Tailor of Gloucester

Musical adaptation by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

This favourite story of Beatrix Potter is presented as a musical comedy with two mice trying to help the old tailor get the mayor's special suit ready for Christmas. Will the interfering and hungry cats prevent the celebration? Come see the hilarious shenanigans and wonderful music in this heartwarming story.
Photos from show

The Shoestring Magic Flute

By Shoestring Opera

Based on Mozart's famous opera, Shoestring presents the story of Allegra, lost in a dark forest on her way home from school. Enter Papageno, a feathered birdcatcher pursued by a Dragon - and the fun and adventure and glorious singing begin! Together they discover why Papageno has a padlock on his mouth and what they have to learn before they can find their way out of the forest. Featuring two singer-actors, a cellist, a pianist, and Mozart's beautiful music, this is an ideal child's introduction to the joy of opera. A sell out last year! Order early!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

By DuffleBag Theatre

Booking early is suggested for this popular holiday show. Join the Nearly World-Famous DuffleBag Theatre for a fun holiday story performed the way only DuffleBag can!

The Beat Brothers

A Music Concert

Marvel as Peter Jarvis and Mark Sepic play and record multiple instruments to create a large band sound right before your eyes! Visual delights will also entertain you as they play a mix of Blues, Jazz, World Beat and Soul.


Musical adaptation by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

This musical version of the traditional story will cheer your seasonal celebrations and uplift your spirits. The theme of hard work and respect for other people, along with the enjoyable music and great narrative are a perfect compliment to the joys of Christmas.
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Cozy Music

With Cosima

Cosima, (Koh-zee-mah), offers a fun filled, interactive music experience for children in a comfortable and cozy environment. Special appearance by her father, Juno Award winner Jack Grunsky. You'll love her!

My Best Friend

Music Concert, by Kayla

Kayla and her dog, Ralph, will delight you and your children with songs about her best friend. That can only be Ralph, her very special dog. Kayla has performed children's music for over 20 years with appearances on Treehouse TV and on cross Canada tours. Join in the fun!

Ali Baba

Musical adaptation by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

This musical version of the traditional story takes you into the world of Open Sesame and The Magic Cave. Will Ali Baba escape poverty and will he escape the thieves who guard the cave filled with riches? Watch them all sing and dance to a happy ending! Photos from show

A Munsch Mixture

Adapted by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

Based on the stories by Robert Munsch

We bring back our traditional and very popular series of Munsch stories done as one play. Enjoy Where is Gah-Ning?, The Lighthouse - A Story of Remembrance, A Promise is a Promise and No Clean Clothes presented in skillful and comic Solar Stage fashion. Your children love to read Munsch! They'll be entranced by the play.
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Old McDonald Had a Farm

By TV Puppetree

Beautiful puppets, each with their own distinct and colourful personality, take you down on the farm with singing, dancing, and lots of humour. But can all the puppets get along? Join us in this entertaining and fun filled show!

The Balloon Tree

Based on the story by Phoebe Gilman

Musical adaptation by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

Princess Leora and her father, the king, have a very happy kingdom and relationship, but the king must go to a tournament. Unfortunately, he decides to leave control of the kingdom to his unpleasant brother. Will Leora's love of balloons and enjoyment of life be ruined or will the balloons save the day? Great story, great music, great fun!
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The Ugly Duckling

By little red theatre

This Hans Christian Andersen classic of the outcast duckling who doesn't fit is presented in a poignant retelling with beautiful classical music and original songs written especially for this production. This is a must-see production for parents and kids!


The Girl with the Golden Hair

Musical adaptation by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

In this musical version of the traditional story, we meet Jacob and Mary who are poor and childless. Their hunger forces them to take vegetables from Witch Gothel's garden. As punishment, Gothel takes Jacob and Mary's first born child, Rapunzel, and locks her in a tower. Come and enjoy the music and see whether Rapunzel can be freed and returned to her family. Photos from show

Sleeping Beauty

By DuffleBag Theatre

Here they are again, presenting a production new to Solar Stage. The traditional story of Sleeping Beauty, filled with wit and humour. This interactive play with a twist will be a truly unique and hilarious experience. Don't be disappointed. Book early!

The Pied Piper

Musical adaptation by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

This musical version of the traditional story takes you to Sad/Glad Village where people aren't allowed to enjoy music and entertainment and where people can't seem to make positive and happy decisions. Can the Piper, who rid the town of rats make the village Glad and not Sad? Join us for this exciting season ending play.
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