2006 - 2007 Season Listing

Snow White

Adapted by William Martyn

Enjoy Solar Stages adaptation of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Come and see how Snow White escapes the wicked queen's plot. With tuneful songs and interactive fun, this will be a great season opener!

Sing & Dance

With Jack Grunsky

The ever popular, Juno Award winner, Jack Grunsky is back with more musical journeys around the world. His upbeat music and friendly personality always ensures a fun, interactive performance!

Puss in Boots

Adapted by William Martyn

When his father dies, Peter, the Millers son, is left with only a cat to help make his fortune. Together they defeat the evil magician at his own game so Peter can marry a princess. This is a musical interactive play, where the audience provides courtiers and an onstage band for the Kings birthday party. Photos from show

It's Hallowe'en, Boo!

By TV Puppetree

Teddy Bear is back in this holiday classic! Come and see him solve his costume dilemma! How can Teddy Bear scare anyone when he is so very cute? A light-hearted show performed by Tom Vandenberg and his puppets which entertains while it teaches some Halloween safety rules.


Adapted by William Martyn

Imagine if you had 3 wishes and they could all come true! Based on the original tale, we follow Aladdin on his adventures to find the magic lamp, to meet and marry the princess Liah and then to rescue her from the evil sorcerer. Photos from show

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

By DuffleBag Theatre

Booking early is suggested for this popular holiday show. Join DuffleBag Theatre for some interactive holiday fun as they return with a classic, told the way only DuffleBag can tell it!

Happy Birthday Alistair Ant

By Alistair Ant Productions

Alistair Ant is having a birthday! His friends Rob and Soli have planned a party that is truly out of this world. Solar Stage presents the return of this space age musical puppet show about enjoying lifes simple pleasures.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Musical adaptation by William Martyn

While out for a walk with her parents, Goldilocks finds herself lost in an enchanted forest - home to talking trees, a wily fox and the three bears. This musical version puts a new twist on a favorite child's tale. Photos from show

The Shoestring Magic Flute

By Shoestring Opera

Based on Mozart's famous opera, Shoestring presents the story of Allegra, lost in a dark forest on her way home from school. Enter Papageno, a feathered birdcatcher pursued by a Dragon and the fun and adventure and glorious singing begin! Together they discover why Papageno has a padlock on his mouth and what they have to learn before they can find their way out of the forest. Featuring two Singer-Actors, a Cellist, a Pianist, and Mozart's beautiful music, this is an ideal child's introduction to the joy of opera.

Tales of Anansi the Spider

By little red theatre

Trickster Anansi is sometimes depicted as a spider and sometimes as a man. Either way, Anansi is ALWAYS in trouble and ALWAYS finding clever ways to get out of work. So find out why Sky God gave Anansi all the stories in the world and what he intended to do with them. Then see Anansi use a moss covered rock to take food away from lion, zebra and elephant. And after that, watch Anansi steal tigers soup from right under his nose! Lots of fun and music; very imaginative!

Jillian Jiggs Tells Stories

Adapted by William Martyn

Based on the stories by Phoebe Gilman

Jillian Jiggs returns to Solar Stage to tell more stories in her own inimitable way. Enjoy these Phoebe Gilman classics in one play Something for Nothing, Jillian Jiggs, Little Blue Ben and Pirate Pearl. Photos from show

The Beauty and The Beast

By DuffleBag Theatre

The Nearly-World Famous DuffleBag Theatre presents a production new to Solar Stage, the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast. Filled with wit and humour, this interactive play with a twist will be a truly unique and hilarious experience.

Munsch Mayhem

Aadapted by William Martyn

Based on the stories by Robert Munsch

Join us for another series of popular Munsch stories - Makeup Mess, The Sandcastle Contest, Smelly Socks and I'm So Embarrassed - all wrapped up into one fun show! We also have extra performances during March Break which sell out quickly. Check the dates and times below and book early. Photos from show

Princess Stories From Around the World

By little red theatre

A highly visual, participatory and engaging show with music, Princess Stories adapts themes and concepts from different fairy tales from around the world. Four wonderful girls from four fabulous cultures tell four wonderful stories about princesses, peas and promises!

Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck & Jeremy Fisher

By TV Puppetree

An anthology of three classic tales from Beatrix Potter, this delightful production uses puppets and music to entertain the audience and is sure to be fun for the whole family. Enjoy Tom Vandenbergs skill in combining these stories into one magical play.

Violet the Pilot

Adapted by William Martyn

Based on the stories by Bettina Jenkins Bathe

Fly away with Violet to explore and have adventures in Canada, Hawaii and Paris. Based on the ongoing series of childrens books by Bettina Jenkins Bathe, this new play will inspire you with its imaginative explorations of the life of a female pilot. Some lucky children will be selected to take part in the adventures. Great interactive fun!
Photos from show

The Beat Brothers

By Peter Jarvis and Mark Sepic

Peter Jarvis and Mark Sepic return once more to Solar Stage for another concert of some of the world's best loved music. Marvel as the two of them record multiple instruments and create a large band sound right before your eyes! They will entertain and delight as they play and mix Blues, Jazz, World Beat and Soul.


Adapted by William Martyn

and Zenon Skrzypczyk

This adaptation with music of the traditional story of the block of wood who springs to life as the boy Pinocchio will tickle your funny bone. See how Pinocchio learns to be considerate of others and how Geppeto gains a son! Great family entertainment! Photos from show

Jamie's Excellent Alphabet Adventure

By Nelles Van Loon

This brand new musical play tells the story of Jamie and his problem. Jamie can't read. In the play he encounters the imaginary world of the alphabet where the letters come to life. Through his friendship with them, reading becomes easier and Jamie enters a whole new world. Photos from show


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