2005 - 2006 Season Listing

The Emperor's New Clothes

By Kate Keenan and Leslie Halferty

This humourous, interactive version of the traditional story will make you laugh as emperor Fred tries on his new outfit and we all learn to appreciate the value of 'true' friendship. The whole family can enjoy this wonderfully told tale.

Sing & Dance

With Jack Grunsky

Juno Award winner; Jack Grunsky returns after full house shows at Solar Stage last year with more joyful musical journeys around the world. His upbeat music and friendly audience contact create an uplifting and interactive performance.


One of Solar Stage’s perennial favourites and a Treehouse TV performer, markus returns for another fun and interactive show. He will be singing songs from his many award-winning CD’s that parents and children can sing and dance to together.

Doo Doo the Clown

Doo Doo the International Clown

Solar Stage is excited to welcome Doo Doo the International Clown for the first time. Doo Doo has many talents such as being a fast and witty talker, but mostly he likes to make people laugh. He has performed all over the world, including Australia, Thailand, and the United States.


The Stylamanders

The Stylamanders are a zany, high-energy musical duo who combine great original music, audience participation, wacky choreography and just plain fun! Solar stage is thrilled to welcome the Stylamanders back by popular demand.

Bigger the Better, said Alistair Ant!

By Alistair Ant Productions

Join Alistair Ant on a magical journey to become the biggest ant ever and discover along with Alistair that being small isn’t so bad after all. The first of a series of four musical puppet shows, starring Alistair Ant, to be presented this season at Solar Stage.

It's Hallowe'en Boo!

By Tom Vandenberg of TV Puppetree

This Hallowe’en classic features the very cute Teddy Bear and his costume dilemma! How can Teddy Bear scare anyone when he is so very cute? A light-hearted show performed by Tom Vandenberg and his puppets that appeals to the young and teaches some Hallowe’en safety rules too.

The Really Real Adventures of Scott Free & Will Do

By Kate Keenan and Leslie Halferty

This very clever and wacky story presents two young friends who enjoy playing and inventing people and games in their tree fort. You will be amazed at the funny surprise ending.

The Beat Brothers

With Peter Jarvis & Mark Sepic

Celebrated children’s musicians, Peter Jarvis and Mark Sepic return for another lively tour of some of the world’s best loved music. Blues, Jazz, World Beat, and Soul are played, mixed, and recorded right before your eyes and ears as they entertain you and your children.

Rainbows for the Holidays

By Alistair Ant Productions

Alistair Ant discovers that friends and family are more important than snow for the holidays. This musical puppet show touches on a variety of celebrations including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. Soli and Rob Joy lead a holiday sing-along with the audience to wrap up the show.

Holidays of the Global Village

With Chris McKhool

Inspired by his travels across Canada and around the world, Chris McKhool presents the multicultural mosaic of our country with songs from many different holiday celebration. Chris has received many awards including recently an Award of Excellence in Toronto’s Green Awards and a Porcupine Award for Outstanding Musical Accompanist.

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer

By DuffleBag Theatre

Join ‘The Nearly-World Famous’ DuffleBag Theatre for a return engagement of this holiday-themed show which sold out all four performances last year. This classic Christmas story, as always, gets a new retelling in the unique DuffleBag style!

Bruce the Christmas Moose

By Tom Vandenberg of TV Puppetree

Bruce is a young and rather naďve moose discovering Christmas and the holiday season. Join Bruce on his journey in this puppet show which is filled with humour, warm feelings, a gentle snowfall, and plenty of traditional and seasonal music.


Adapted by William Martyn

This traditional story with its music & heart-warming ending is perfect for the holiday season. Children will have an opportunity to ‘go to the Princess’ Ball’ with Cinderella.

Grandma & The Pirates/The Gypsy princess

Adapted by William Martyn

Based on the stories by Phoebe Gilman

Grandma will have you laughing in the aisles and the Gypsy Princess will move you as she discovers what is important in her life.

Jack and the Beanstalk

With David Smith Marionettes

A colourful, music-filled production with a cow that makes beautiful moosic, a transforming giant and, of course, a handful or magic beans that change jack’s life.

Double Trouble for Alistair Ant

By Alistair Ant Productions

Alistair Ant wants a friend who’s just like him in every way. Can a chance meeting and a touch or magic help change his mind? Find out in this colourful and fun musical puppet show with a positive message about friendship.

Sari Featherstone

With Sari Featherstone

Sari Featherstone has been entertaining children and their parents for years focusing on traditional folk and children’s music. Her pleasant voice, her friendly manner, and her interactive show will have your children singing and swaying along.

Robin Hood

By DuffleBag Theatre

One of the most celebrated companies at festivals and schools across the country presents a new production for Solar Stage, the classic story of Robin Hood. Filled with wit and humour, this interactive play with a ‘twist’ will be a truly unique and hilarious experience.

Rumplestiltskin and Other Stories

Adapted by William Martyn

This production presents two very well-known and very funny stories – ‘Rumplestiltskin’ and ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ along with the beautiful music and message of ‘The Firebird’. Get three stories for the price of one in what should be an exciting show.

Munsch Munchies

Adapted by William Martyn

Based on the stories by Robert Munsch

Everyone enjoys Robert Munsch! This year, we continue our Munsch March tradition with 5 more Munsch stories. Enjoy ‘More Pies’, ‘Up, Up, Down’, ‘From Far Away’, ‘Purple, Green & Yellow’ and ‘David’s Father’ as an exciting Solar Stage play!

Hansel & Gretel

By little red theatre

Hansel and Gretel is a musical play about children who use their wits and heroically overcome enormous obstacles. This uplifting sotry is presented with enormous fun and joy by this terrific company.

Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck & Jeremy Fisher

By Tom Vandenberg of TV Puppetree

This delightful show is an anthology of three classic tales from Beatrix Potter. This creative produciton uses puppets and music to thrill and astound its audience and is sure to be fun fo rthe whole family.

I Heard a Story

By little red theatre

A single storyteller whisks the audience on a journey through the stories he has picked up on his travels. Using multiple puppets, mime, music and lots of audience imagination and participation, he takes you on a wonderful multicultural journey, featuring folktales from Italy, Russia and Canada.

Little Red Riding Hood

By Nelles Van Loon

Little Red Riding Hood is a musical version fo the traditional tale in a contemporary setting where the mother is a real estate agent and uses a computer. What you get is Mr. Van Loon’s great music, a lot of fun and great entertainment.

Ideas That Sing

With Kim and Jerry Brodey

Kim and Jerry Brodey believe that we all have the ability and need to sing, dance and express ourselves. Using a wide array of instruments, the Brodey’s provide an exciting and unique interactive experience.

My Best Friend

With Kayla

Kayla has been performing children’s music for over 20 years with appearances on Treehouse TV and on cross Canada performances. Join Kayla and her dog, Ralph as they return to entertain and delight.

Happy Birthday Alistair Ant

By Alistair Ant Productions

It is Alistair Ant’s birthday and his friends, Soli and Rob, have planned a party that is truly ‘out of this world’. Solar Stage presents the premiere of this space age musical puppet show about enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

The Stone Princess

By Zoe Henderson

This brand new play tells the story of two sisters, one of whom is to become queen, and how they deal with their dilemma and rivalry. This play uses humour and music to take us to the exciting solution and should be a great conclusion to our season.


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