2003 - 2004 Season Listing


With Markus

Markus is back after last season’s sell-out performances. This fun-filled musical presentation will have your little ones singing, clapping their hands and dancing in the aisles.

Bigger The Better! Said Alistair Ant

Presented by Alistair Ant Productions

Starring Soli and Rob Joy

Join Alistair Ant on his magical journey to become the biggest ant ever, only to discover that being small isn’t’ so bad after all.

The Adventures of Jillian Jiggs

Adapted for the stage by William Martyn

Directed by Victor Correia

Jillian Jiggs comes to life in this wonderful presentation based on Phoebe Gilman’s classic children’s stories. The loveable Jillian will delight you with her imaginative antics.

Musical Journey

Presented by Daniel and Carey Domb

Join Daniel and Carey Domb as they pack their bags and take you on a musical journey around the world! Travelling to Europe, Africa and Asia, the Dombs have created an interactive performance that introduces young people to popular classical music and folksong from different countries interspersed with photographic images of recognizable sites. Students learn that music is the one language known everywhere and enjoyed by everyone.

Peter Pan

Presented by DuffleBag Theatre

This adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s story about a boy who never grew up is full of humour and a lot of audience participation. The three children of the Darling family receive a visit from Peter Pan, who takes them to Never Never Land where they encounter the evil Pirate, Captain Hook.


The Stylamanders are a zany, high-energy musical duo who combine great original music, audience participation, championship yo-yo tricks, wacky choreography, and pure fun to present a show that the whole family will enjoy!

Baxter’s Halloween Magic Show

Performed by Thomas Baxter

Tom’s special brand of magic creates a fun time of Halloween with mysteries designed to intrigue and delight.

It’s Hallowe’en, Boo!

Written and performed by Tom Vandenberg of TV Puppetree

Back by popular demand, this Hallowe’en classic features the very cute Teddy Bear and his dilemma with his costume. How can Teddy Bear scare anyone when he is so very cute? A light-hearted show that appeals to the very young and teaches them some Hallowe’en safety rules too.

Baby Fat

Written and directed by William Martyn

A fun approach to exercise and proper nutrition from babyhood to elementary school featuring Super Mom and Mr. N.R. Gee.

Morgan’s Journey

Presented by Roseneath Theatre

Written and performed by Robert Morgan

Directed by David S. Craig

Morgan’s journey is a delightful exploration of the joyous yet sometimes challenging childhood experiences. We follow Morgan the Clown on a journey of discovery as he learns an inspiring lesson about the true meaning of friendship.

Holiday Dream

Presented by the Really Little Theatre Company

Young Moe is annoyed that not everyone gets the same holidays. Some of his friends celebrate Ramadan, others celebrate Chanukah or Christmas. Why doesn’t he get to celebrate all the holidays? Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a holiday every day? Moe should be careful: his dreams just might come true. A perfect show to help celebrate the holidays in our multicultural community. The Holiday Dream is suitable for all audiences of all cultural backgrounds.

More! (The Greedy Princess)

Book & lyrics by Thom Currie

Music by Craig Wingrove

Perfect for the holiday season, this rock & roll musical comedy featured toe-tapping music and dance, the hilarious antics of the king and his court, and a heartwarming message about the true meaning of friendship and family.

The Sword In The Stone

Written by Marty Chan

In a deep forest a sword is lodged in the middle of a great big stone. Fisher and Falon must rely on their friendship in order to overcome their adversities and succeed in their quest.

The Three Little Pigs Strike Back

Written by D.B. Davies

Directed by William Martyn

A humourous spin on the old fairy tale that shows there’s fun, laughter and joy in working together, and that bullying isn’t really fun for anyone…not even the bully.

The Paperbag Princess…and more!

Adapted for the stage by William Martyn

Directed by Kory Bertrand

This favourite Robert Munsch tale about appearances and self-worth will be presented in this wonderful comedy teamed with 50 Below Zero about a boy and his sleepwalking father.


Performed by Zak Morgan

Zak Morgan’s hilarious and highly interactive music and storytelling program is designed to exercise the imagination , build character, and encourage reading. Considered “a possible successor to (Shel) Silverstein” by KLIATT, a leading national review publication for public and school libraries, Morgan’s songs and stories are filled with humour, rich language, and clever word play.

The Alphabet Show

Written and performed by Tom Vandenberg of TV Puppetree

Twenty-seven little shows/vignettes about each letter of the alphabet plus lots of music, songs and puppets. A great way to learn the alphabet and the sound that each letter makes! Most suitable for children who are learning how to read.

Earth, Seas & Air

Presented by Chris McKhool

Chris McKhool’s incredibly popular show Earth, Seas & Air is part musical performance, part environmentalism and 100% fun! Featuring original songs from his appearances on Mr. Dressup, YTV, TV Ontario and the CBC, Chris’ concerts are fully interactive, involving the students in singing and talking about the environment. Everyone leaves with the feeling that they can really make a difference!

Little Red Riding Hood

Performed by the little red theatre

”What great big ears you have, Grandma.” “All the better to hear you with.” The Wolf replied. A classic book mastered for the stage starring that wonderful girl in the red cape.

Munsch Favourites

Adapted for the stage by William Martyn

Directed by Victor Correia

All your favourites are back in the extraordinary adaptation of Robert Munsch’s most popular books: Angela’s Airplane, Mortimer, Mud Puddle, Thomas’ Snowsuit and Andrew’s Loose Tooth.


Presented by DuffleBag Theatre

Treated unfairly by her dreadful stepsisters, Cinderella nevertheless responds with patience and kindness toward all, trusting that the future will bring her a change of fortune.

The Sentimental Scarecrow

Adapted by Thom Currie

A heartwarming classic of children’s theatre. A lonely scarecrow is doomed to hang in his cornfield until he can find a true friend. The problem is, who wants to be friends with a scarecrow? A wonderful musical for the whole family!

Mouse Tales

Presented by Waterwood Theatre Company

Mouse Tales combines stories from Aesop fables and puppetry with music by Debussy, Tchaikovsky and Kabelevsky to create a charming and delightful theatre experience for young students. Children delight in familiar stories, poems and rhymes about mice. A family of mice, Daisy the Cat, Rex the Lion and two hosts make this wonderful introduction to the magic of theatre!

Double Trouble for Alistair Ant

Presented by Alistair Ant Productions

Starring Soli and Rob Joy

Alistair Ant wants a friend who’s like him in every way. Can a chance meeting and a touch of magic help change his mind? Find out in the latest musical puppet show and sequel to the ever-popular Bigger the Better Said Alistair Ant.

Romeo and Juliet

Presented by DuffleBag Theatre

Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece tells of two star-crossed young lovers in Verona but this version has a much happier ending.

The Frog Prince

Written by Nelles Van Loon

Directed by Roseann Wilshere

This favourite folktale is set to music with a modern twist about protecting the environment.

Let’s Help This Planet

Presented by Kim and Jerry Brody

Let’s Help This Planet is a journey along rivers, into oceans, jungles and cities, through the rain forest and back home again. Kim and Jerry encourage audience participation with such songs as Boat Goes Down the River, Garbage No, No, No and rainforest Rap. Their humourous characters Gertrude, Alphonse and Beulah and The Genius help find practical ways to be responsible earth keepers.

Madame Aventure

Presented by France Gauthier

Discover the historic figues who inhabit the world of French Canadian legend and culture. Mme Aventure presnts stories about oridary people from history: fishermen, fsarmers, kings and troubadours. This bi-lingual musical show will focus on popular French folksongs and a chance to sing along with “A la claire fontaine”. “Le petit navire”, “V’la l’bon vent”, and many other songs from Canda’s past.


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