2002 - 2003 Season Listing

Sleeping Beauty

Adapted and directed by Bill Martyn

This is the old story about how modesty and clever beauty are always best if we do our duty and patiently love our family and friends so all our stories have happy ends. The evil, envious fairy queen is defeated in the end by Prince Charming, Briar Rose and the audience. Briar Rose awakes to live happily ever after.


Markus concert performances are a blend of boundless energy mixed with joy and laughter. Involving and engaging his audience right from the start, a Markus concert is a fun filled performance of music and stories that capture the imagination and gets toes tapping and hands clapping! Markus sings of the joy of music, family and friendship. Join him and let the smiles and laughter begin!

Kidz Kidding Band

Paul, Mary Lou and George bring you an event that combines music, comedy and family fun. Their songs and stories relate real-life situations that all children experience in this action packed show.

Just Want To Be Me!

Written by Christine Felgueiras

Directed by Lisa Rothman

Sally (Wish Upon A Star) returns for another great adventure. This time join her as her toys come to life and discover the value of being true to themselves.

Oliver Button is a Sissy

With William Orlowski

A wonderful story set to music and dance based on Tomie de Paola’s award-winning book, Oliver Button is a Sissy is about a young boy who “didn’t like to do things boys are supposed to do”. Oliver is mercilessly teased by the other boys at school until his performance in a talent contest changes their stereotypical thinking. This show emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and a sense of self-wroth.

The Secret Story Of Santa Claus

Written by Tina Silver

Directed by Zenon Skrzypczyk

Inspired by L. Frank Baum’s ‘The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus,’ we learn the secret story of Claus’ life in the magical forest of Burzee where he is raised by fairies. Along the way, he learns the importance of treating everyone equally and spreading joy and kindness.

Hanzel & Gretel

Adapted by Shirley Barrie

Directed by Roseann Wilshere

Hansel and Gretel are left in the fearful forest. Hansel thinks he has to save his little sister, but when they end up in the house of the wicked witch, it’s his little sister who saves him. An imaginative retelling of the traditional fairy tale with actors, percussion, rhyme, and puppets.

Stories My Grandmorth Told Me

With Emerita Emerencia

A musical and storytelling collage based on folklore learned from her own grandmother as a child growing up in Aruba, Emerencia has crafted a seamless collection of sights, sounds and stories that evoke the characters of African and Caribbean legends, life and songs. Emerita’s performances have elements of ritual, the mood is distinctly celebratory and spontaneity is one of the key characteristics.

Munsch Delight

Adapted by William Martyn

Directed by Victor Correia

Solar Stage’s popular series is back for the new season. Join us as we bring more of the great stories of Robert Munsch to life.

Rock ‘n’ Fables

By The Really Little Theatre Company

Relive and revisit some classic stories! Using a wonderful mix of music, dance and comedy, three energetic singers perform “Little Red Riding Hood” “Rapunzel” and “The Frog Princess” in this favourite musical. Completely set to music as a rock opera, this high energy show explores the magical world found in books and piques interest in reading and literacy.

Once Upon A Time (Or Was It Yesterday?)

Written by Nelles Van Loon

Directed by Victor Correia

Once Upon A Time contains three stories. The first is about a boy who can’t sleep because he imagines a witch is in his room. The second is about a boy who is cruel to insects and learns his lesson. And the third is about a boy who can’t wait for Christmas to come. All three are familiar childhood problems with imaginative solutions.

A Wild Hallowe’en

Starring Paul Wild

Hilarious comedian with an uncanny ability to involve the audience. See him turn kids into a human piano. See him create a western movie right before your eyes. See his chameleon hat!

The Little Blue Hedgehog

Monkey Business

Folktales From Around The World

By Lampoon Theatre

In the first of these three puppet shows, The Little Blue Hedgehog, we see how hope and determination can help in the pursuit of real friendship. Monkey Business entertains the audience with a series of sketches and stories told with a variety of puppetry styles. Folktales From Around The World brings us three different folktales form Japan, Russia, and Canada told in story-telling style

Happily, After Ever

By Amanda Barker

With The Calithumpians

It turns out that some of the conniving villains, wicked queens, and grumpy dwarves we all grew up reading (and hating) may not have been given a fair shake. Find out what has become of all of those supposed evildoing, fairy tale villains as they get a shot at redemption in the highly original, incredibly funny Happily, After Ever.

Mother Goose

By Theatricality Plus

In this delightful musical storytelling adventure the Grande Dame of children’s tales takes you on a wonderful adventure into the world of Nursery Rhyme Land.

The Ugly Duckling

By little red theatre company

For a child there are a few things more painful than “not belonging”. The Ugly Duckling is a poignant retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s story using the paint canvas of dance, puppetry, specialty lighting and theatre to recreate this classic.

Daniel & Carey Domb

Principal Cellist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Domb and his Guitar playing wife, Carey are “Phenomenally gifted” (Montreal Star) and their playing “…commands a tone that is warm, dusky and singing, pliable in color, expressive in character.” (Baltimore Sun). This concert will include a simple framework of acoustic guitar that will bring out the haunting beauty of the cello and create a special atmosphere perfect for the music the Dombs love to play.


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