2001 - 2002 Season Listing

The Golden Goose

By Roseann Wilshere

A Solar Stage Production based on the Brothers’ Grimm story. This updated folk story includes live-action, dancing and music from around the world. Everyone gets to participate in this exciting story, as all the audience members help the Golden Goose break the spell that binds. Sure to entertain and delight!

It’s Hallowe’en Boo!

By Tom Vandenberg, presented in association with OPA and TV Puppetree

Unlock the realm of imagination as Teddy explores the fun of dressing up and trick or treating! Safe and Happy Hallowe’en tips, skeletons in the closet and delish fun! Wear your costume & bring your favourite toy to meet Teddy after the show!

Trip To The Moon!

By Gillian Stovel, inspired by the work of Jules Verne and George Melies

A Solar Stage Production. Monsieur Jules Verne himself sends you to the moon! This exciting adventure includes chases, conflicts and narrow escapes! Audience participates to help George et Julianne escape from the Moon King and return to earth!

When You Wish Upon A Star

By Christine Felgueiras

A Solar Stage Production. Travel the universe with Marty the Martian, Crystal the Shooting Star, and Billy and Sally on their space adventure! A captivating adventure, where the audience participates in the action.

Tall Tales Puppetry Festival

Featuring the David Smith Marionettes and the Gorzhaltzin Puppets.

Jack and the Beanstalk and In the Native Woods, two colourful and musical puppet presentations. Centuries old, these tales have mesmerized children’s audiences throughout the world.

Munsch Magic!

By Robert Munsch, adapted by Bill Martyn

A Solar Stage Production. Join our actors as they bring your favourite Munsch stories to life, including: Mmmm, Cookies! Aaron’s Hair and ‘munsch’ more!

Pure Water (Pure Heart)

By Bill Martyn, music by Zach Florence

A Solar Stage Production. A new musical adaptation of a wonderful Incan folktale. This environmental fable explores the nobility of kindness, honesty, social and moral responsibility. With colourful characters, audience participation and vibrant original music. Spellbinding!


By Tom Vandenberg, presented in association with OPA and TV Puppetree

All the crazy characters in a library come alive in this vibrant and clever kids show. Stories, songs, and interactive games! Hilarious fun.

The Buzzard of Oz

By Mike Harding, presented in association with Applefun Puppets

What happened in Oz after Dorothy took off? In this live-action and puppet adventure story, including our favourite characters from Oz, we imagine the possibilities. Engaging!

The Crab Prince

By Jody Terio, presented in association with little red theatre

Inspired by a book illustrated by Christopher Manson and based on an Italian fairy tale, Jody Terio and little red theatre create a live-action and puppet show out of an old eighteenth century Venetian tradition. Fancy, romance and adventures at the bottom of the ocean!


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