2000 - 2001 Season Listing

Snow White and Her 7-8 Helpers

The classic tale of Snow White performed with a twist! Audience participation abounds as Snow White hand picks her 7-8 helpers from the children in the audience, as well as many other colourful and imaginative characters. The play originates from Eastern Europe and has been translated into English specifically for Solar Stage.

It’s Hallowe’en Boo!

It’s that time of year again, where children ages 2 – 8 can dress up in their Hallowe’en costumes and share Teddy’s adventures as he disguises himself and goes trick-or-treating. He explores safe and happy Hallowe’en tips, skeletons in the closet and devilish fun!

The Little Blue Hedgehog

In the style of the large puppet companies of Eastern Europe, The Little Blue Hedgehog has been brought to North America direct from Rumania. Translated and adapted by Lampoon Puppet Theatre, this production has proven to be one of the most popular of all presentations. In The Little Blue Hedgehog we see how hope and determination can help in the pursuit of real friendship. It is beautifully staged and entertaining throughout.

Gerda and the Snow Queen

This exciting story tells the tale of Gerda, who must travel to the North Pole to visit the Snow Queen in order to save her true friend Kay. Along the way, Gerda learns the importance of striking a balance between reason and emotion, logic and imagination. It features original music with song and dance that the whole family will enjoy!

Tales of Anansi the Spider

West Africa stories about the famous trickster spider having a feast, staring at a moss covered rock and inventing the world. Puppetry, lighting, music and dance bring a spider’s journey to life.

Munsch Madness

Last year’s Dora-nominated, sold-out series of Robert Munsch stories was such a smash hit that this season we bring you six of his stories that have never been produced before, including Moira’s Birthday, Jonathan Cleaned Up – Then He Heard a Sound, Mud Puddle, Millicent and the Wind, The Fire Station and Andrew’s Loose Tooth.

Turtle Island

The world’s first turtle opera! Long Bottom the turtle learns about friendship, bravery and his own ability to create positive change. With vibrant original music, colourful characters and lots of audience participation, five of Toronto’s finest performers magically portray this environmental fable.

Teddy Bear Show

He’s every thing a good Teddy Bear should be… imaginative, furry, very charming and most importantly, a good friend. Ages 2 – 6 can participate in the form of games and songs. The show is gentle. Special effects and contemporary staging are part of the fun.

Tom’s Cats

Meet Tom Vandenberg’s amazing cats, some of the most talented feline puppets ever seen. There’s Merlin, the magic cat, Fatcat and Bandit, a Siamese who makes things disappear in an altogether different way. This interactive show features very lifelike and detailed puppets.


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