1998 - 1999 Season Listing

A Little Bird Told Me

By Nelles Van Loon

The classic fairy tale The Emperor and the Nightingale is recreated in this charming live action production, filled with music and dance!

It’s Hallowe’en, BOO!

By Tom Vandenberg

In association with the Ontario Puppetry Assoc.

and T.V. Puppetree

Devilish fun and ghoulish surprises await Teddy as he explores the fun of dressing up and trick-or-treating.

Clowning Around!

By Lampoon Puppet Theatre

In association with the Ontario Puppetry Association

Two irresistibly funny clowns perform a series of circus acts, including walking on stilts and a death defying human cannon ball act!

Sleeping Beauty The Twisted Tale

By Adam Furfaro and Steven Thomas

A young sorcerer’s apprentice mixes up the Master Book of ALL Tales and is sent into each story, repairing them one by one. Part One of the Twisted Tale Series. Classics as never told before!

Ants In Yer Pants

By The Stylamanders

A high-energy kids show with lots of audience participation. Music, wacky choreography and championship yo-yo tricks!

Murmel, Murmel, Mortimer Munsch

By Robert Munsch

Adapted by Kim Selody

Four whimsical stories by beloved children’s author Robert Munsch are brought to life in this captivating play.

Dragon’s Birthday

By Tom Vandenberg

In association with the Ontario Puppetry Assoc.

and T.V. Puppetree

Dragon is powerful, fire breathing and a bully, but his bad manners are no match for a very persistent vacuum salesman who teached him that the best thing about birthday parties are your friends.

Three Golden Feathers

By Toronto Little Puppet Theatre

A poor peasant boy sets off on an adventure with only a rusty key to his name. What should he find in the wilderness but magic feathers, giants, a magic pony, and a beautiful Princess…


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