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Solar Stage Children's Theatre
Solar Stage 2014-2015 Season

Founded in 1976, Solar Stage is celebrating its 40th anniversary season this year of producing new Canadian works. Beginning in a small loft at Yonge and Richmond offering evening productions, the company adopted a lunchtime format in 1978, and then moved locations to First Canadian Place in 1979. After six successful seasons developing new Canadian work, Solar Stage opened a second location in the Madison Centre in North Toronto. When the First Canadian Place location closed, the Madison Centre location became the primary focus.

In 1995, Solar Stage decided that it could better serve the community by producing children's theatre in its Madison Centre venue, and was sponsored by Scotiabank Plaza to open another lunchtime theatre in the office tower in October of 1996. The company produced over fourteen shows a season in combination with Children's Theatre and Lunchtime for four years.

In 2000, Solar Stage vacated its Lunchtime theatre, and moved its base of operations back to North York and committed to doubling its programming of children's theatre in its current Madison Centre location.

Solar Stage Theatre is celebrating 21 years of bringing excitement, wonder, and magic that the entire family can enjoy. We are pleased to offer excellent production value and high quality work at reasonable family prices. In addition, the variety and scope of the productions has expanded to include multiple topics and themes that are of interest and value to children, parents, daycare workers, and teachers.

Over the past twenty years, Solar Stage has been enlightening, entertaining, and educating young children in its current Madison Centre location. Every year the quality of our productions has moved forward and improved immensely. We take pride in our productions and are gratified by the positive responses of our audiences.

Solar Stage is a registered charitable organization, with professionally audited statements annually and receives funding and support from the Ontario Arts Council Endowment Fund.


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