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Solar Stage Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties at Solar Stage

Celebrate your birthday with Solar Stage!

Our Birthday Package Includes:

Reserved middle section of the theatre starting in the third row

The cast acknowledging the birthday child at show’s end

A signed poster and a book for the birthday child

Watching the show (1 hour approximately)

Use of the party room for 1 hour immediately following the show

We require a deposit of $241 plus HST to book your birthday party. The price includes 12 tickets (discounted at $13 each) and an $85 room rental fee to use our party room for 1 hour after the show. Additional tickets can be purchased at $13 each plus HST.

If you are interested in booking a birthday party please call our box office at 416-368-8031 and leave a message or email us at

Photo of Party Room

Solar Stage's Party Room

General Information for Birthday Bookings

We have a party room with one long table with a tablecloth to place your food on, plus up to 4 tables with tablecloths and chairs for the children to sit at. (Maximum 32 children)

We will take the birthday party guests & accompany them to the party
  room after the show.

Food, gifts, coats, etc may be left in our party room during the

We do not provide any food, candles, utensils, etc.

We do not have a refrigerator; therefore, ice cream cakes or anything
  else that needs refrigeration is not recommended.

You are required to help us clean up afterwards. We will provide
  large garbage bags.

Latecomers will be taken into the theatre only when or if it is safe.

Tickets will be distributed on the day of your show.

Please advise your guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to show time.
  E.g. 10:30am for 11am shows; 1:30pm for the 2pm shows.

Party Extras

Printable Party Invitations
  Download: Morning Party Invitation
  Download: Afternoon Party Invitation

Birthday Card

Map & Directions
  Download: Map

Map to Solar Stage

Shows Available for Birthday Parties



An Original Play by Tom McGee

In the kingdom of Faraway everyone has a role to play. Kate is supposed to be a Princess, which, in Faraway, means pretty dresses, courtly functions and diplomacy. Timmy is supposed to be a knight, which, in Faraway, means a tough guy who goes on quests and is ready for battle. The problem is Kate likes adventures, kicking butt and NOT wearing dresses! Timmy likes to solve problems peacefully and take care of the business of running a kingdom. When an villain appears, Kate and Timmy will have to combine their strengths and swap their roles to kick the butt of intolerance and trolls in order to save the kingdom. Kate and Timmy show us that only you can decide who you're going to be.

Dates: April 29, 30, May 5, 6, 12, 13, 20, & 21, 2017

Time: 2pm

Birthday Parties: Sat May 13 at 2pm is booked. Available for all other dates.


An Original Play by Kate Keenan & Lesley Halferty

Scott Free and Will Do are best friends who spend all their time dreaming up fantastic worlds; whether they're meeting space monsters, solving mysteries or avoiding the Sheriff of Nottingham, they're always having fun. Everything is perfect . . . until they find out that they are each others imaginary friends! Reality is in hot pursuit and they need to figure out who’s who and what’s really real before their moms make them grow up for good. They'll need everyone's help (and imaginations) to save the day and their friendship!

Join us in Scott & Will's colourful cardboard treehouse for a live action cartoon full of big belly laughs, great songs, high-energy choreography and absolute wackiness. Scott and Will will challenge existence as they know it but they need the audiences help to build their new reality; their only limit is your imagination! This show is best enjoyed with your best friend so call them up and bring them along.

Dates: May 27, 28 June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, & 25, 2017

Time: 2pm

Birthday Parties: Available for all dates



With Joanna Kellam

You're invited to come hang out with Joanna Kellam! One Saturday a month, they'll be sing-a-longs, visual art, improvisation, special guests and lots of opportunity for you to get involved - maybe YOU can be a special guest! This free-form musical interaction will be different every month. Part class. Part show. It’s a . . . hangout!

Dates: Saturday(s): May 6, & Jun 3

Times: 10:30am

Birthday Parties: Available for all dates